The original concrete tanks in Château Capion’s winery, which was built in the 1950s, could hold 2000 hectolitres. Today, these have been replaced by thermostatically-controlled stainless steel vats; and each plot is vinified in a dedicated tank, while micro-selections from the plots are isolated in containers of 25 hectolitres.

In 2017, we started the major project of re-designing and upgrading the winery. The hot and cold water networks used to regulate temperatures during vinification are now computerised, and the entire winery connected to this thermoregulation system via greener heat pumps.

Gravity flow winemaking (the practice of allowing wine to drop through different levels to gently extract colour, flavour and tannin, and avoid the use of pumps or mechanical force, as in traditional one-level cellars) is also possible today with the installation of two-stage stainless steel tanks.

Finally, for the maturation of our wines, we use premium oak barrels from manufacturers such as Boutes, Taransaud, Darnajou and Chassin. They come in different sizes (225, 500 and 1500 litres) and are specially selected for each plot. We have also purchased a concrete egg and amphorae for both fermentation and maturation, to learn how these alternative vessels might further define the purity and balance of the end product.

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